Pål Hermansen


The stock photography market has undergone tremendous changes during the last few years, and for me, as a photographer,  old constellations have to be reconsidered.  I have found that the big, impersonal agencies are not so attractive any longer for single photographers. Therefore, when I was invited to cooperate with the Steve Bloom agency, run by his wife Kathy, I soon realized that I met what I think is a much more attractive melody for the future: the smaller, engaged and personalized agency that takes good care of both the photographers and the customers. My decision was therefore easy to make: I joined them.  At the moment I’m slowly building up a portfolio, accessible only at www.stevebloom.com. The main topics are images from the polar areas, especially the Arctic, in addition to Scandinavia, Northern Europe and some other places. The style is both traditional nature imagery and fine art imagery.