Pål Hermansen


Some people are very good at updating their website, others are not. I choose to think that people that have time to post images nearly every day can´t be so very busy. The more you work and the more you produce, the less time you are free to spend behind the computer. To judge from such a reasoning, I have had a lot to do during the last year, as there hardly has been any update to this site in very long time. And that´s also very much the case. To be effective, the past 2013 from my point of view can be summarized in a few lines of text, with some images in between.

The book Seeds for the world was published in February 2013. This is the total story about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, and it simultaneously comments  the perspectives of food production on a global basis. Yes, the topic sounds a little dull, so my intention was to make a visually delicate book with informative and entertaining text. Take a look yourself to judge: CoverSeeds to the world.

In the early autumn the ambitious Masters of Nature Photography book was introduced. This book is published by Natural History Museum and features 10 portfolios of the leading photographers in the nature field. I was very happy to be included in this selection.  The book is a gem for all people with the slightest interest in nature and photography, as it in many ways presents the recent history and contemporary status of this photographical discipline. Take a look: MASTERS JACKET fINAL ARTWORK NEW v3_3. MASTERS – PAL HERMANSEN FINAL

Some of my images were exhibited in Poland this year, and I am represented in the exhibit:  Contemporary Landscape Photography: An International Perspective, at the Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, California, 2013-14.

The autumn also turned out to be a busy time, as I had presentations both at Wildphotos in London and at the GDT festival in Lünen.  And luckily, there were some prizes to be picked up.   In the BBC competition, both a 1st prize and a highly commended prize were awarded, and in Germany, I received the photojournalist prize Fritz Pölking Preis, the Prize of the Public and a highly commended prize.  At last one image also was Highly Honored in the US Nature´s Best competition.  My series from the car graveyard turned out to be very successful, and it now is and will be published in profiled media in many countries, for example the April 2014 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine. The image of the sparrowhawk and the jay was also very well esteemed and was the one that received a prize in all three competitions.  

Song trush in old Opel, Båstnäs, Värmland, Ssweden.

"Power of life", birch tree in old car, Båstnäs, Varmland, Sweden2.GC7D7116x